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Making the best of your UK University experience

Making the best of your UK University experience

The UK has seen a significant rise in students from India in the last few years and adapting to life in the UK can be difficult as an Indian student or indeed any international student!

My name is Himani Sharma, I am an International Business and Entrepreneurship student completing a Master’s at the time of writing at the University of Dundee. Some points I have written here I hope can help new students in the UK so they don’t make similar mistakes that I did.

Sort out “life admin” as soon as you can

When I arrived in the UK, my Master’s course didn’t start for another week, but I had a lot of other tasks to complete, including registering with a GP and a dentist, opening a new bank account, gathering the necessary BRP cards and documents, and many more. As a result, it’s crucial that you organise your “life admin” and sort these tasks out as soon as you can, it helps you to settle faster.

Create connections and new acquaintances outside of your cultural comfort zone

It goes without saying that you would miss your family and friends when you are living abroad and far away from them but there is no need to feel alone. Make new acquaintances from many cultures, not only those in your own neighborhood or from your own country. This will help you discover new cultures, learn about them, and get a knowledge of them. Once you establish new connections and relationships with people from other backgrounds, you’ll discover that you’re more at ease sharing your beliefs and ideas.

The importance of one’s health should never be understated

We frequently neglect maintaining a healthy body and mind while attempting to balance other responsibilities. The ready-made food offered at restaurants and cafés is alluring because of a lack of time or energy but do not only survive on this. Similar to this, fueling your mind with negativity can contaminate your thoughts, harming your mental health. A healthy and productive student life requires a suitable balance of the body and mind.

Studying is undoubtedly essential however taking breaks in between is also necessary

It might be daunting to attend all the meetings, group projects, individual homework, tests, etc., especially in the latter half of any semester. At that point, taking little pauses from the academic rush is vital. A get-together with friends, a stroll outside, or watching an episode of your favourite show may all help to clear your head and relax you.

Do not be afraid to seek assistance

When you move away from your native country, a lot of things change in your life, but I have had a generally positive experience in the UK. They are friendly and welcoming. Whenever you need assistance with anything, even a really minor or unimportant issue, you can always ask for and get help.

Gain new knowledge

You have the chance to remove your obstacles and start again at this time. Try to pick up a new skill, hobby, or sport in addition to your academic pursuits. It lets you step back from daily life and provides you with a new perspective.

You need to handle your own life well

To handle all of life’s ups and downs, you must learn to be a responsible, upbeat manager of yourself who is willing to let go of a few mistakes (as you learn) and cultivate a willingness to pick up new skills and make improvements. A good overall balance can go a long way.

Making things happen is not an overnight journey

It’s normal to have worry and anxiety when you start learning anything new, whether it’s via your education or your efforts to obtain part-time employment. It’s possible that despite your best efforts, the work you’re attempting to perform is taking an eternity or is not yielding positive outcomes. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down at that very moment since it can take some time for everything to go according to your plan. Even if they don’t always, I assure you that something greater is on the way.

A side hustle can go a long way

I will confess that juggling a job and academics can be challenging, but I would strongly advise everyone to get a part-time job in addition to their studies since the small amount of extra cash you make helps you feel financially independent and self-assured. But always remember that your studies come first!

It is going to be a very different experience altogether so embrace it!

It takes courage to leave your own country and go all the way to the UK, where the weather is unpredictable, the people are different, and you are far from your family, your favourite foods, and your place of residence. However, this is one of the best and most significant decisions you can make for yourself, and it will ultimately alter the course of your entire life. Therefore, enjoy yourself, make new friends, take in the local culture and stunning scenery, pick up new skills, and take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

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