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Some recent highlights from our clients!

XueYun Zhang – Coaching Client, 2023

Sharon Zhang

I was totally lost when I didn’t get any responses from my job searching efforts and applications by myself. Birkdale Collective helped me edit my resume and I immediately got several interview invitations and the good news is that I got a job offer from a University after the help which was my target!

Birkdale Collective are definitely very professional for helping people like me learn how to present our skills, experience and networking better in order to reach our goals. If you are currently finding a job, feel stressed, lost and don’t know where you can start, contact Birkdale Collective, they will definitely bring a miracle to you!

Lixin – Coaching Client, 2023

I started applying and caught up with the Assessment Centre and got an offer from KPMG in Leeds! It was like a dream!!

The best part of my coaching was improving my understanding in a commercial sense. When I had a one on one interview with the senior manager I was asked the same question we already practiced. I was taught to answer things more like a professional than a student. I could see the manager nodding and I felt so satisfied with my answer. After discussing things with my coach I was familiar with how to structure an answer. I cannot achieve this without your help, especially my coach!

Angela – Coaching Client, 2023

I am thrilled to have successfully landed a job with the help of the Birkdale Collective team. Their support and expertise throughout the entire process were invaluable. My CV session with Jessica was exceptional. She provided me with a professional-looking CV that stood out from the rest. Brian, my personal and interview coach, gave me so much useful advice that gave me the confidence to stand out during the interview and assessment centre. He was patient, supportive, and would like to answer all my questions.

I am grateful for the entire Birkdale Collective team, including Peter, for their dedication and commitment to my job search. Their guidance and support made a significant impact on my success, and I will always be appreciative of their help.

I look forward to starting my new job, and I will definitely keep in touch with the Birkdale Collective team. And I will be sure to recommend them to anyone looking for professional assistance with their job search. Thank you for helping me achieve my career goals!

Shirley – Coaching Client, 2023

I would highly recommend Birkdale Collective’s Career Coaching service to anyone who is currently looking for a job or thinking about a career change. From the beginning, the CV session really gave me a good way to start my applications. It was made in a professional way to suit UK job market requirements.

I also want to thank Tim for all the interview preparation, he gave genuine advice tailored to the companies I applied to. I was surprised sometimes the interviewer asked me almost the exact question that he prepared me for! Most importantly, I built up knowledge of the job industry which is useful in the long term.

I saw that my self confidence rose a lot, finding a job in the UK is really challenging as an international student. I really appreciate all the help and support and I would recommend Birkdale Collective to anyone in a similar situation to me.

Victoria Alekseeva – Coaching Client, 2022

I applied for a job in Switzerland with the resume Birkdale Collective helped me with. I lived in Switzerland for more than a month waiting for a British visa after departing Ukraine. I applied for a remote working role and I had an online job interview. They offered me a full time job in the most popular Swiss advertising agency. It was a high calibre job with an amazing team that everyone could only dream about. Only 3% of Ukrainians in Switzerland received job offers! So my chances are high now because I have a very good resume and received great advice on how to cope with job interviews!

Jeff Liao – Coaching Client, 2022

I learned a lot from my sessions with Birkdale Collective. My CV session with Jessica made it a lot more professional and modern. Patrick helped me with understanding some areas I did not think about before and preparing deeper for the application process. I’m looking forward to starting my new job in recruitment now and will keep in touch with Birkdale Collective!

Jiawula Abulizi – Coaching Client, 2022

My experience with Birkdale Collective has been extremely positive. The team are understanding, helpful and very efficient. My coach was able to advise me on my next steps and answer any questions which I had; he was professional and supportive throughout the process. My area is within medical strategy, quite a niche sector, but the team are made up of coaches with relevant experience in various fields including medicine, and so my needs were met effectively. I would recommend Birkdale Collective, without hesitation, to anyone who is looking for support and advice in looking for a career within the UK. 

Kylie Walker – Sports Coaching Client, 2021

With my coach Ed I have immensely improved my performance. Ed has helped me with many aspects that have made me improve. We have developed great confidence and belief, and this has led me to be mentally stronger and an all-round happier, more confident person.

Hadrian Richards – Entertainment Client, 2021

Birkdale Collective handled the creation of my website and social media from scratch which has helped get my artwork much more exposure. I now have my art live for purchase with Athena, Skylark Prints, Redmolotov and T-Shirts United. Peter offered great support on this. I recommend highly! 

Graham Glossop – Social Media Client, 2021

Pete saw the potential in my candle business; having only a social media and Etsy presence. He helped with setting up the company branding and website. The site allows me to have everything in one location and be the starting point for my customers’ journey. His input has helped boost awareness of my company, which I could not have done alone.

Marian Arnold-Lawson – Social Media Client, 2021

Peter at Birkdale Collective was really helpful with enhancing our website capabilities and improving traffic to our website, as well as offering great support to our social media strategy.