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Work with us

Birkdale Collective, established in 2021 were founded by pro-active thinkers in a field they wanted to improve.

We started collectively…

We are a group of professionals in the coaching sector with international experience. We started Birkdale Collective hoping to improve the perception of career coaching for international students, and further groups beyond that.

Why are we different?

We focus on quality. We immediately reflected this with our move to obtain accreditations so that we can work to high standards of coaching quality and coaching ethics. Importantly, all of our coaches have been doing this for years, and that experience is key to our quality.

We focus on the importance of honesty, clarity and offering our skills in the right places to those who need them.

We focus on reputation. By the end of year one, Birkdale Collective had working relationships with over a dozen UK universities. We held events with local councils, the UK Home Office and the Department for Work and Pensions. In addition, our Corporate Social Responsibility work has enabled us to give back some of our expertise, which we talk about in more detail on this page.

We focus on fairness. Yes, we charge for coaching services. However, we are of the belief that these services should not come at an unimaginable cost to the user of those coaching services.

What is really important to us?

Just as important as service delivery is having a team with a collective goal. Our whole team, whether they work full time or part time, have an important voice in how we operate. By working together as a group we can improve the prospects of our clients in the strongest possible way. See more about our team here.

Working with us

As well as obvious inclusions for jobs we would like to highlight some of the more important benefits of working for Birkdale Collective;

  • Flexible schedules and Work from Home plans
  • Your Birthday is important, take a day off for it every year
  • Regular Team Building; not just for the free food (and drink) but also to meet your colleagues

Marketing Assistant (Closed)

Sales Consultant (Closed)

Career Coach – Sports Sector

For further information on about working with us please email info@birkdalecollective.com

Birkdale Collective are an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.