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Why do companies hire international students?

As of the Summer of 2021, employing international students has become less difficult for employers in the UK. With the Graduate Visa, the UK government has allowed for international students who have successfully completed their courses to work in the UK without a sponsor for a limited time, or at the very least, be looking for employment.

Undergraduate and Master’s graduates can acquire up to two years’ work experience and PhD graduates can acquire up to three years’. So, if a business does not hold a sponsor license or they simply want to avoid the liabilities that come with sponsoring a student, a graduate visa is perfect as there is no sponsor requirement.

Alternative visa options for students are as follows:

  • Tier 2 employment
  • Tier 5 temporary worker
  • Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme

Why would a business wish to take on an international student? Some key reasons for this could be…

  • Specific language skills
  • Knowledge of overseas market(s)
  • Beneficial networks
  • Inter-cultural awareness
  • Diversity in the workforce