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Learnings from the Careers2032 Report

Learnings from the Careers2032 Report

In March 2022 our Director, Peter Davis, attended a session that gave out more detail on a research project called Careers2032. This is a co-produced report looking at the role of technology in facilitating human connections, run jointly by the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), Wonke, AGCAS and Handshake.

159 Employers, 817 Students or Student Union Representatives and 131 Careers professionals were consulted and gave their insights, with the results shared in several sessions across the UK.

“Careers Support is great and comprehensive if you know what you want to do with your life…more focus needs to be put on helping those students who are unsure as to what they’ll do after university”

Bristol student

Below in this post, we look at some observations and key statistics from the report as well as the summaries given in the handout itself.

Student Concerns

34% I am concerned that I won’t get a job in my chosen field as a graduate

32% I am worried I am not good enough or not ready for a good job as a graduate

30% The economy after the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to make it harder for me to find a job

40% of students say their top priority when finding a career is finding the work interesting

27% of students say the biggest obstacle to their future careers is not knowing what field to go into

“It is important that with the technological developments students don’t start to communicate more and more with AI systems…but the employers, both big and small, work in partnership with universities to connect with diverse student populations and meaningful career opportunities”

Nicola Thomas, ISE

Employer Concerns

78% of employers feel technology could play a positive role in creating dedicated early talent networks to support employer connection

81% of employers expect that in 10 years’ time they will be recruiting for jobs that don’t even exist today

Career Professionals Concerns

87% of careers professionals see their future role increasingly involving the use of technology to facilitate human connections between students and employers

96% of careers professionals will increase their use of technology to personalise the digital student experience

“Careers services professionals need to continue to collaborate with academic colleagues, employers and support service providers to embed employability into the wider student experience”

Elaine Boyes, AGCAS

Source: Careers2032 Handout, Spring 2022