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About Birkdale Collective...

Quite simply, the career advice field is crowded and for some individuals has become unfair. Our aim is to directly sort that out. We are inclusive and encourage engagement from any clients in need of advice as well as maintaining a personal touch because everyone has their own concerns and issues to work through. How do we know? We at Birkdale Collective have all been there ourselves...

Meet the Team!

The Birkdale Collective Team

United and with a combined passion to deliver the right support that our clients need, see some of our teams smiling faces below!


Pete Davis


Jess Slater

Coach + CV Specialist

Tim Hague

Career Coach + Public Speaking Specialist

Hannah Barnao

Marketing Consultant

Regina Xie

Business Development Executive

Michael Foster

Career Coach

Bonnie Liu

Marketing Assistant

Brian Renwick

Career Coach

Patrick Reid

Career Coach + Commercial Awareness Specialist


Peter at Birkdale Collective was really helpful with enhancing our website capabilities and improving traffic to our website as well as offering great support to our social media strategy

Marian Arnold-Lawson

Owner, Business Introductions

Birkdale Collective handled the creation of my website and social media from scratch which has helped get my artwork much more exposure. I now have my art live for purchase with Athena, Skylark Prints, Redmolotov and T-Shirts United. Peter offered great support on this, I recommend highly!

Hadrian Richards


Pete saw the potential in my can-dle business; having only a social media and Etsy presence. He helped with setting up the company branding and website. The site allows me to have everything in one location and be the starting point for my customers journey. His input has helped boost my company's awareness which I could not have done alone

Graham Glossop

Owner, Glossy Glow Candles & Wax In A Can

My experience with Birkdale Collective has been extremely positive. The team are understanding, helpful and very efficient. I met with my coach and he was able to advise me on my next steps and answer any questions which I had, he was professional and supportive throughout the process. The team are made up of coaches with relevant experience in various fields including medicine, and so my needs were met effectively. I would recommend Birkdale Collective, without hesitation, to anyone who is looking for support and advice in looking for a career within the UK.

Jiawula Abulizi

Coaching Client

What are we talking about?

What are we talking about?

Michael Foster, Head of Internal Communications at Deutsche Bank, speaks to Birkdale Collective

Michael Foster, Head of Internal Communications at Deutsche Bank, speaks to Birkdale Collective

Birkdale Collective spoke Michael Foster who has worked at Deutsche Bank in senior roles for over 10 years following on from positions at KPMG and his first post-University graduate scheme at HSBC. As Head of Internal Communications, Michael currently engages 10,000 employees in the Chief Technology Office. Michael shares with us his journey and what aspiring professionals in his field can learn from it.