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Career Coaching for International Students

Birkdale Collective’s career coaching for students is formed of two main options: individual one-on-one career coaching, or a group career coaching starter programme. Individual coaching is flexible to the student’s needs and can start whenever the student is ready to begin their work with Birkdale Collective’s career coaches. On this page you will find information and relevant links to our career coaching team, pricing, start dates and more.

Why Birkdale Collective?

Birkdale Collective are a group of individuals united in two opinions. The first is that international students need help in their job search. The second is that help should be affordable without any compromise on quality.

Getting a job (and performing well in that job) is difficult. Career coaching helps you with your Commercial Awareness, CV, Cover Letters, Job Applications, Online Tests, Video Interviews, Face-to-Face Interviews, Assessment Centres, Soft Skills and much more. We help you make sure that you are heading into a career you are going to be both suitable for, and that you have a passion for doing. Birkdale Collective aims to deliver advice which we know will be helpful, and also advice that addresses your individual concerns.

Birkdale Collective are members of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) and our coaching team holds a number of accreditations. This means you can trust us to deliver the best possible coaching to meet your needs and help you get the right start in your career.

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Group Coaching Starter Programme from
  • a full-day course including over 6 hours of group sessions, then 3 personal follow-up sessions and 6 months of email support to start your journey right!
Individual Coaching from
  • starting with 10 sessions, choose the most relevant career coach for you and get started on your job search right away!

Coaching Team

Who are the Career Coaches and Specialists? Take a detailed look at our team and their profiles here.

General Group Course Format

The group day course is usually held on a weekend between 10am and 5pm. To ensure geography does not hinder anyone’s ability to take part, the course is held via an online meeting platform which will be confirmed with you in advance (typically Zoom or Microsoft Teams).

A general format for the day course is below:

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Business Acumen – session with a dedicated specialist

  • Identify Your Knowledge Gaps – session with a dedicated specialist

  • CV’s and Cover Letters – session with a dedicated specialist

  • Applications and Online Tests – session with a dedicated specialist

  • A Successful Mindset – session with a dedicated specialist

  • Closing discussion and booking your personal follow up sessions