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Birkdale Collective joins Football Trade Directory

Birkdale Collective has joined up with Football Trade Directory as their first careers-focussed company. Football Trade Directory is an online environment for football clubs to meet and network with suitable businesses. The directory covers the top names in UK football clubs and has diverse existing members such as Ticketmaster, Club Wembley, Errea, Thermopatch and over 2,000 more.

“Obviously, we are new to this sector but the sector is new to the idea of career coaching so we hope that in joining Football Trade Directory and its events we will raise awareness in what is a massive issue in sport,” said Birkdale Collective Founder Peter Davis.

More information on what Birkdale Collective can do for Sports Professionals can be found here and also by contacting us to discuss direct-to-club coaching options tailored to the needs of each team.