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Birkdale Collective joins Association for Coaching

Birkdale Collective has joined the Association for Coaching as an organisational member in coaching and training. The Association for Coaching (AC) are an organisation with members from over 80 countries, made up of professional coaches, training and coaching service providers, internal coaches, and organisations building coaching cultures. The AC are dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, worldwide.

As a part of the membership, Birkdale Collective are committed to adhering to the AC’s Global Code of Ethics including guidelines on integrity, appropriate interactions, conduct, quality, diversity and much more.

As a part of this, clients of Birkdale Collective are entitled to have an Introductory Associate Membership to the AC at no cost to themselves. For the client, this provides access to the wealth of information and support that is available from the AC, at a time when many will be embarking upon their coaching careers. Membership is available for 12 months, after which they will be invited to continue their membership as an individual.

“Having been in this sector for a long time, I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by experienced and well qualified career coaches. I have always felt there is a need for organisations themselves to show a willingness to adhere to a certain level of standards. The Association for Coaching offers guidelines, support and a structure which I think is an absolute must for us at this point in our growth. Birkdale Collective are committed to pushing for better standards from private organisations in this sector and value adding for ourselves and our clients. This membership and its benefits greatly assist us in striving to deliver the best possible coaching and advice,” said Birkdale Collective Founder Peter Davis.

For more information on what we do, visit the various pages here or contact us to find out how you could take your next steps. View our Association for Coaching membership certificate here.